How much can you earn as a payroll specialist? Payroll specialists can make anywhere from $48,000 to over $100,000 per year. Salaries tend to be higher in in larger cities. It also depends on whether you own a CPP or FPC. As an employer, we recommend adding salary indications. Being upfront about salaries can have numerous advantages, but there may be exceptions depending on the position or company policies. Overall, it’s about creating a positive candidate experience and fostering a culture of trust and fairness.


Payroll Specialist

$55,000 – $98,000

Payroll Admin

$52,000 – $90,000

Payroll Administrator

$80,000 – $95,000

Payroll Manager

$115,000 – $127,000

Payroll Tax Manager

$100,000 -$110,000


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